"Creative Design, Exploring and Growing"

Let's work together for your next Web Project.

I have been fortunate to experience a broad range of IT projects, from a simple personal website to a complex intranet development project. By saying that, my strongest capability is to get the thing done.

My Concept

  • Creativity is a balance of Art and Logic. Yin and Yang
  • Bring Uniqueness to your Online Presence.
  • Modular, Open to Changes with Agile process.

My Budget

Website design fee depends on the scope of work. The range of budgets is between $3,000 and $30,000.

I'm more happy to work for a small project as well.

If you think my experiences matches to your Web Project requirements, please fill in the Ask For Free Quote form, or E-mail me at monchu at websitedesigning dot com


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