"The Internet is all about Collaboration & Sharing Ideas"

Website Design process is similar to architect's building design. Except, on Internet, you're able to build a scalable internet site.

You can start a simple website as a starting point where at the end you're able to scale it up as you grow your business. A smaller team for simple website development will lower your initial budget cost. You only need a Copywriter and Web Designer to do that. Even, for a tight budget, the old static HTML pages work for small websites.


Content is yours. Once you have the content ready, you have to work with a Copywriter.

English is my second language, and here in as my personal website, I'm not using a Copywriter. I'm a web developer, and I don't want to pretend that I'm good in English. So, it might be you'll find a lot of incorrect grammar here and there.

However, if your website is a business website using the English language, even if you're a native English speaker you still need to work with a Copywriter. There are two areas where a Copywriter can improve your website content.

First, a Copywriter can rephrase your content to meet the behavior of Internet User's reading pattern. Most Internet users are not reading a web page; they are scanning it. Based on research, only three seconds the duration before someone decides to stay or leave a web page.

Secondly, your content should follow Search Engine rules. A Copywriter can help you in this areas such as ideas for keywords, page hyperlinks, and HTML meta-data. A proper grammar also reviewed by Search Engines to indicate the indexing rank whether your website reliable or not.


Web Designer is an architect for your website. If you want to start a new website project or restructure an existing site, please contact me from this link Ask For Free Quote.


Once you added more content to your website or start doing a regular online campaign, it's the time for you to consider the following specialized skills below for that purpose:

  • Online Marketers - Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Professional Photographer
  • Graphic Designer
  • UX (User Experience) Designer
  • Web Developer
  • Web Master


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